faceCloth & Distal

Elie and I finally had some “free” time to go back to the multi-touch interface. We worked on the core library called Distal. Distal enables us to quickly put together a multi-touch GUI. It takes care of all the contact points [touchPoints], and their interaction with the GUI components (toggle button, dragable button, slider, dock, etc.). We are also using ezGesture, which is a gesture recognition library for Processing recently released by Elie. So far, it is only used to interact with the docks containing the GUI ; one finger sliding from right to left in a specific area of the surface will make the dock appears. Read more


faceCloth > sur(ta)face

Elie and I met early afternoon. We turned on the computers, plugged in the cam, wired the projector and finally lit the LEDs. While working on some code (multi-touch UI) we have on ‘track’, we set a goal to produce something by the end of the afternoon. Here, sur(ta)face came to life. sur(ta)face will be the name/repository for a collection of projects/experimentations using the multi-touch interface. Read more



collectiveShadow is an interactive event that utilizes electronic shadows as raw materials and paints them into an architectural spatial form. The responsive environment explores the organic connection of human actions in an interactive collaborative environment by encouraging people to become both physical and social aspect of the participatory installation. Read more


presence [a.k.a soft & silky]

Presence [a.k.a Soft & Silky] is an interactive installation in which users are invited to engage, through motion and touch, with the tactile interface itself and other users. This installation is based on a simple, inexpensive, and scalable setup/technique enabling a range of movement from multi-touch to full body sensing on a double sided performative surface. Read more



This is our [ Thierry Giles and myself ] first prototype in the field of multi-touch surfaces. As the well know project of Jeff Han, our interface uses the FTIR technique. Infrared light and computer vision are used to track users’ fingers motion/interaction with the surface. Read more