Presence [a.k.a Soft n’ Silky] will be shown at FILE 10 NURBS PROTO 4KT – Electronic Language International Festival – hosted at Galeria de Arte do SESI, until the 20th of September. Thanks to the FILE festival people for everything. This trip was in part made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts from whom I obtained a travel grant. Read more


Presence at FILE RIO 09

Until the 19th of April, Presence [a.k.a Soft n’ Silky] will be shown at FILE RIO 2009 – Electronic Language International Festival. – hosted at the Oi Futuro Cultural Center. Our trip to Rio was great. The FILE people were amazing. They put together a really nice exhibition with some really interesting works. Read more

Performative Surface @ ACM 2007

Thierry and I had a paper published in the ACM Digital Library. We submitted the paper for the ACM Multimedia 2007, in Augsburg Germany. Our poster was a part of the “Art, Content, Applications” poster session held on the 26th of September.

The paper “Performative Surface: Double Sided Interaction” is a short presentation of the interaction framework we worked on last year. This research/framework focuses on the relations that occur between co-located individuals mediated by an interface with a goal to help to emphasize the intensity of interaction by way of a two side responsive surface. We have applied this framework to two of our projects to date: Soft n’ Silky and collectiveShadow.



collectiveShadow is an interactive event that utilizes electronic shadows as raw materials and paints them into an architectural spatial form. The responsive environment explores the organic connection of human actions in an interactive collaborative environment by encouraging people to become both physical and social aspect of the participatory installation. Read more


presence [a.k.a soft & silky]

Presence [a.k.a Soft & Silky] is an interactive installation in which users are invited to engage, through motion and touch, with the tactile interface itself and other users. This installation is based on a simple, inexpensive, and scalable setup/technique enabling a range of movement from multi-touch to full body sensing on a double sided performative surface. Read more