A successful open house for Dpt.!

~600 people came to visit us during the Design Montréal Open House on May 2 [from noon to 5 p.m.]. We showcased work produced during the past year including our interactive table prototype. Read more


faceCloth & Distal

Elie and I finally had some “free” time to go back to the multi-touch interface. We worked on the core library called Distal. Distal enables us to quickly put together a multi-touch GUI. It takes care of all the contact points [touchPoints], and their interaction with the GUI components (toggle button, dragable button, slider, dock, etc.). We are also using ezGesture, which is a gesture recognition library for Processing recently released by Elie. So far, it is only used to interact with the docks containing the GUI ; one finger sliding from right to left in a specific area of the surface will make the dock appears. Read more


faceCloth > sur(ta)face

Elie and I met early afternoon. We turned on the computers, plugged in the cam, wired the projector and finally lit the LEDs. While working on some code (multi-touch UI) we have on ‘track’, we set a goal to produce something by the end of the afternoon. Here, sur(ta)face came to life. sur(ta)face will be the name/repository for a collection of projects/experimentations using the multi-touch interface. Read more



This is our [ Thierry Giles and myself ] first prototype in the field of multi-touch surfaces. As the well know project of Jeff Han, our interface uses the FTIR technique. Infrared light and computer vision are used to track users’ fingers motion/interaction with the surface. Read more