TEDxMontreal approached our studio to create and to produce their graphic identity for their 2013 event at the SAT (Société des Arts Technologique). We were asked to convey the idea of human connection and knowledge sharing. Here is a quick view of the unfolding process to product we engaged in for this project.

To start,  Philippe assembled and weaved a portrait made of 300 nails.  This “hand-made” portrait became an essential element in the overall design.

DCIM101GOPRO 3_1000

Inspired by the vertices and triangles of the portrait,  I proposed we add a projection mapping element to the TEDxMontreal immersive and stimulating environment. This time, I wanted to augment a flat surface by projecting a mix of realtime and pre-rendered content on a large scale print.


I built this projection with openFrameworks using ofxTimeline, ofxUI and our own ofxMTLMapping2D add-ons.

I also added new functionalities to ofxMTLMapping2D, one of them being the ‘grid shape’.


And ofxTimeline and ofxUI were the building blocks to our first draft of a custom content sequencer.


Development and tests with a smaller print:


Here are some shots of the final graphic identity (posters and program):