This year MUTEK commissioned our studio to develop their identity and campaign for the 14th annual festival; a five-day event in Montreal in late May and early June. Each year, more than 100 artists, panelists, and industry professionals participate in what has become a leading event of its kind in North America.

We also created an interactive projection mapping installation, called deFRAG,  that ran every night, from dusk until 3 AM. Festival-goers could interact with the projection on their mobile phone via a web app that connects to the installation.

This interactive projection was built using our beloved openFrameworks and the new Spacebrew. “Spacebrew is an open, dynamically re-routable software toolkit for choreographing interactive spaces. Or, in other words, a simple way to connect interactive things to one another. Every element you hook up to the system is identified as either a subscriber(reading data in) or a publisher (pushing data out). …”

Here are some shots and  videos of MUTEK’s graphic identity and campaign – You never forget your first time.