Sam Robert’s Band – “I Feel You”

Here is an edit of the projection mapping I did for Sam Robert’s Band “I Feel You” official music video. The video clip was directed by Dave Pawsey and Jonathan Legris and produced by Sacha Baylin-Stern.

The projection mapping was created using a custom tool built using openFrameworks, and controlled live on set. The massive structure was designed and built by Lucas Wareing and Oopey Mason.

My cubic structure from my first projection mapping experiment was given a second life for this video clip.

Sam Robert’s Band “I Feel You” official music video credits (short list).
Directors: Dave Pawsey and Jonathan Legris
Production: Antler Films
Producer: Sacha Baylin-Stern
Art Director: Jean François Clément
Production Designer: Lucas Wareing
Projection Mapping: Hugues Bruyère / Departement
DOP: Bobby Shore

For more info :
Link to the official music video