Dpt. – Design Montréal Open House

We were one of the top three most visited studios with 590 visitors during the Design Montreal Open House. Once again, we showcased work produced during the past year as well as with additional interactive prototypes.

One of the prototypes was a small projection mapping installation using live animation presets that visitors could trigger using a simple yet colourful controller.

The projection mapping was designed using a custom tool built using openFrameworks. One useful add-on was ofxFenster, as ‘it simplifies the handling of multiple windows…’. In our case, we had one window for the controls, and an other for the projection. The control window simplified the creation of a mesh, to edit a previously saved mesh, etc…. It also allowed us to record sequences of keys in phase with an audio track in order to produce synched animations presets.

Here are some snapshots showing the process of building the physical structure in a half day. Mathieu Léger and I started with a 2D flat plan and then we recreated it using a 3D modelling tool.

Our next step was to use Pepakura to generate an unfolded version of each pyramidal shape from their 3D data.

Once all these unfolded patterns had been traced on paper, Mathieu and Moko built the structure. I watched the process while drinking a beer.

Mathieu and Moko admire their hard work. Pas pire!

And voilà, the first quick mapped mesh.