Quick video of Peptone at Place des Arts for Nuit Blanche Montreal, last Saturday (2011.02.26). We got around 900 calls from approximately 400 unique players.

Cells, Phoned: Peptone
“Local design firm Departement, specialists in interactive media, plugs in and powers up Peptone, their digital “ecosystem,” on big screens in the halls of Place des Arts. Using your cellphone, you (like several dozen others, concurrently) dial up to create a lumpy little organism and whoop ’n’ holler into your phone to keep it alive—but beware, the same noise that sustains the lil’ bibitte also attracts toxic bacteria! Special “combo” numbers afford extra life points to keep the creature wiggling and wandering.” – Rupert Bottenberg – Montreal Mirror – February 24 2011

A game by Elie Zananiri, Hugues Bruyère, and Mathieu Léger. Sound design by Chris Olsen. Produced by Departement.

Peptone is built with openFrameworks and MegaPhone.