A successful open house for Dpt.!

~600 people came to visit us during the Design Montréal Open House on May 2 [from noon to 5 p.m.]. We showcased work produced during the past year including our interactive table prototype.

Using physical cards and fingers, visitors were able to view and manipulate selected works from our portfolios. Each card corresponded to a specific group of works. Once a card was placed on the table, visitors were able to move, zoom and rotate a variety of portfolio images and videos from a specific project.


A lot of this was done using open sources resources, such as reacTIVision for the tracking of fiducial markers attached onto the cards, as well as for multi-touch finger tracking. Here is the complete list : reacTIVisionTUIOFlash AS3 TUIO ClientHype framework and Udp flashlc bridge.

We already have a new version of this project up and running as an Air2.0 application allowing us to use UDPConnector, and therefore removing the Udp flashlc bridge from the pipeline. This application is also being moved to c++ using openFrameworks.