A Window Into Each Other

A Window into Each Other

As part of the finale for the Think Again Remix Conference in Toronto, Ontario on October 3rd, we created, a 23 minute live visualization to kick off the evening.

Projected onto a 16:3 screen (~12m per 3m) and running in real time, this visualization called A Window into Each Other consisted of over 360 portrait pictures taken of the conference participants two nights before.

The purpose of A Window into Each Other was to present the conference participants, who have all recently transitioned from student to alumni, a new way of perceiving themselves as a national alumni network and to understand that they are more than the sum of their parts.

A Window Into Each Other

A Window into Each Other was shown in two parts: 1) as the participants were entering and settling down in the presentation hall of BMO Learning Centre, the first 20 minutes of the visualization gradually built in intensity showing more and more of the portraits; 2) once the audience was completely focused on the screens, a more sequenced and timed 3D abstraction of the previous section was launched. The idea was to push the audience’s notions of interconnectivity and identity.

More photos here and more videos here.

Conception and Design – Hugues Bruyere et Amanda French
Dev – Hugues Bruyere [Built with openFrameworks]
Sound – Christian Olsen
Photo/Portraits – Melanie Provencher and Trine Mikkelsen