faceCloth > sur(ta)face

Elie and I met early afternoon. We turned on the computers, plugged in the cam, wired the projector and finally lit the LEDs. While working on some code (multi-touch UI) we have on ‘track’, we set a goal to produce something by the end of the afternoon. Here, sur(ta)face came to life. sur(ta)face will be the name/repository for a collection of projects/experimentations using the multi-touch interface.

sur(ta)face > faceCloth is the first project/experimentation under this label. The original faceCloth, by Elie, is an exploration of the relationship between real and virtual control. Live video is mapped onto a digital cloth, which reacts to its environment in a realistic fashion. The user selects the desired image and then manipulates the display geometry in order to create rich visual compositions. I like to say that sur(ta)face > faceCloth came in to existence to fill one of Elie’s anxieties about his “pursuit to build a decent physical controller.” (see here).

Really…. I believe that our interest here is to work with video (must it be lived or pre recorded) as a malleable material. To distort and stretch time as well as splatter and freeze ‘alive’ pixels on a surface…. A performative surface.

On theses photos and video sur(ta)face > faceCloth runs using Lost Se03 Ep18 as video texture.