collectiveShadow is an interactive event that utilizes electronic shadows as raw materials and paints them into an architectural spatial form. The responsive environment explores the organic connection of human actions in an interactive collaborative environment by encouraging people to become both physical and social aspect of the participatory installation.

Project Team: Maxime Bergeron, Hugues Bruyère and Jason Safir.

In collectiveShadow, shadows immaterial form symbolizes a representation of distinct individuality. The interdependence of persons within the environment establishes a conscious and unconscious relation between one another by the means of diffused shadows, silhouettes. Representing the participant’s physical presence as data rather then tangible objects exposes a unique sense of body, self, and representation. The defamilarized social interaction collectiveShadow generates, creates a meaningful distinction between collective and individual shadows. The interacting of mere shadows investigates the individual’s conception of social identity and representation in a new light.